Creating and commercializing the leading new platform for hyperscale data analysis

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

Chris Gladwin Chris Gladwin
As the world continues to analyze an ever-accelerating volume of data, the number and scale of the very largest analyzed datasets – those at hyperscale – continues to grow. Prior generations of data analysis architectures designed in the era of spinning disks simply cannot provide the capabilities, scale and price-performance required for many modern hyperscale workloads for data loading & transformation, real-time analytics, machine learning, OLAP data warehouse, and geospatial analysis. In this presentation, Chris Gladwin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ocient, will cover how the Ocient team worked closely with many of the largest data-analyzing organizations around the world over the past 7+ years, to define, develop and commercialize the leading new platform meeting the hyperscale data analysis requirements of today and the coming decades.
Bio. In 2004, Chris founded Cleversafe which became the largest and most strategic object storage vendor in the world (according to IDC.) He raised $100M and then led the company to over a $1.3B exit in 2015 when IBM acquired the company. The technology Cleversafe created is used by most people in the U.S. every day and generated over 1,000 patents granted or filed, creating one of the ten most powerful patent portfolios in the world. Prior to Cleversafe, Chris was the Founding CEO of startups MusicNow and Cruise Technologies and led product strategy for Zenith Data Systems. He started his career at Lockheed Martin as a database programmer and holds an engineering degree from MIT. Chris is now the CEO and Co-Founder of Ocient whose mission is to successfully provide the leading platform the world uses to analyze its largest datasets.

Data Intensive Cluster Computing with TaskVine

1:20 PM - 2:00 PM

Douglas Thain Douglas Thain
University of Notre Dame
Bio. Prof. Douglas Thain is Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin in 2004 and the B.S. in Physics from the University of Minnesota in 1997. He directs the Cooperative Computing Lab at Notre Dame, which focuses on the design of large scale distributed computing systems applied to grand challenge problems in science and engineering. His team is active in publishing open source software systems such as the Parrot global filesystem, the Makeflow workflow system, the Work Queue task executor, and most recently, the TaskVine data intensive computing system. Prof. Thain has received multiple teaching awards at Notre Dame for his courses in distributed systems, operating systems, and compilers, and has published an introductory compilers textbook (, an open source operating system kernel (Basekernel), and an online course in Data Intensive Scientific Computing. (DISC)